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This gracious two story home was built using local stone. Its design entails an internal stairway which leads to the second floor. In maintaining balance for an outdoor covered terrace, an indoor sun room was created on the opposing side of the home. The roof is constructed from reclaimed tile in order to preserve its historic character.
Internally the spaciousness of this home allows for a comfortable stay for one or for many. During the restoration every convenience was considered while developing the charm and comfort of an elegant home in the country.

Antique tiles adorn the ground floor while oak warms the floor above. Unique paint finishes embellish all the rooms accenting the grand ceiling beams throughout the house. Custom made windows and doors complete each room. The special appointments to the kitchen include built in oak cabinetry from England, large refrigerator and a French La Cornue stove.
There is a two story independent guest house with two bedrooms, two ensuite bathrooms, a dining/living room with kitchenette, a "palestra" (exercise room) and wine storage room which is fully air conditioned.

A well-known artist painted the addition in wonderful earth tones complimenting the construction as well as the furnishings.

Bedroom #2 Bath Bedroom #1
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