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The medieval town of Todi sits majestically high upon a hill surrounded by rolling hills. Todi remains a favorite site due to its easy accessibility to the E45, which leads to the Autostrada del Sole that connects Rome and Milan.

Le Mandorelle is located 10 kilometers from Todi, just beyond the hamlet of Monticello. The entrance to E45 is 7 kilometers away and the travel time to Rome is only one and a half hours, Perugia is 30 minutes and Florence is a little over two hours. The airport in Perugia has daily flights to Milan as well as several flights each week to/from Stanstead UK.

As one winds through the picturesque countryside approaching Le Mandorelle, country villas surrounded by sunflower fields and olive groves instill a peaceful calm that prepares you for your Umbrian experience.

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